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I’ve been a student under Liwen for just over 2 and a half years and during that time she introduced and guided me through the HSK levels up to HSK 4, helping me to achieve outstanding scores of 98% and 90% in HSK 3 and 4 exams. I started off my lessons with Liwen knowing very little Mandarin and only very basic greetings, now I am able to engage in conversation and confidently message my Chinese friends. She always recommends a variety of resources to help me further all the 4 skills (reading, writing etc), and also goes out of her way to help me outside of lessons. 
Liwen introduced me to many opportunities to further my Mandarin such as calligraphy competitions, and scholarship opportunities helping me through the applications. As a result, I am undertaking a scholarship to study Mandarin in Taiwan, using the traditional characters we studied together and exploring the culture and foods we had researched before my arrival.
Lessons with Liwen can be teacher-lead, self-lead or both, and can be catered towards your interests, in the past year we’ve looked at articles in Mandarin about Environmental Science and I was able to give presentations in Mandarin on the different food and places in Taiwan to prepare me before I went.
The shift from in-person to online lessons during the pandemic has been very smooth and lessons have been just as rewarding with notes and resources put on Edmodo. Lessons have still included different methods of learning such as speed-reading, learning songs and discussing different topics.
Aside from the outstanding opportunities and exciting lessons, the encouragement from Liwen has been invaluable in helping me develop my confidence. I would highly recommend learning Chinese with Liwen to anyone looking for a diverse range of lessons with opportunities to learn and engage with Chinese culture alongside learning the language with full support and great resources. It has been an honour to be her student and I look forward to continuing our lessons when I return.


I had some lessons with Liwen before I went to China. I found it very useful. Liwen was my interpreter when the Chinese business partners visited my factory. I would highly recommend Liwen.


I have been learning Chinese with Liwen. Recently I went to China and I spoke a lot of Chinese. Thank you, Liwen.


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