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About Liwen

I am a tutor of both Chinese Mandarin and Cantonese. I am an enthusiastic, dedicated and focused professional with exceptional organisational skills. I am from China, have lived in England for many years. I am fluent in English.

I worked for Barclays in the UK for six years but I much prefer teaching. I find it very rewarding when I see my students learn and grow with my help. This is why I work full-time as a private tutor. 

I currently teach several students. They give me great feedback and are very satisfied with their progress. I have helped some of my students pass HSK exams.

I have worked as an interpreter and translator. I have a UK masters degree in International Business Communication. While working at Barclays I worked in Correspondence and often interpreted

I studied Mandarin with Liwen's classes for 6 years to help with my career progression. The lessons were engaging and I highly recommend Liwen's classes for anyone interested in learning.


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